Refunds & Cancellations

​As a client if you would like to withdraw from using solutions delivered by Lera Technologies, you may do so at your own consent. Upon sharing your withdrawal plan , Lera Technologies verifies all your previous balances, defaulting payments and additional processes involved. In case of outstanding payments are to be made, no action will be taken until all outstanding balances are cleared or nullified. Post a final signed confirmation from the Owner or the Person in charge, all the information pertaining to the previous activities are shared with the parting members as per a mutually agreed channel. Any action for reuse or restoration can be performed solely by Lera Technologies. The information thus shared cannot be used/modified or manipulated by any of Lera Technologies associated. All the information thereof is only a copy of the data when the system was stopped.

​For any issues, clarifications please reach out to us at any of the channels below:

Tel: +91 40 27700000 |