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We manage your born analogue data

The information in the form of pictures, videos and other such formats are termed as analogue data. When this data is being captured and/or converted into digital terms, the archaic DBMS techniques were inadequate for managing your terabytes and petabytes of data. Here are we are to help you with managing such data.

The “MAD” method – magnetic, agile and deep

Our Big Data strategy supports you from staying focused on your business and organizational mission like a magnet. Provides you with appropriate intelligence with deep insights. We give you a big data model that is agile and cost effective for producing bottom-line results. One aspect of digital transformation that organizations struggle to get right is the identifying, capturing, managing and analyzing big data. We can handle your big data with the right strategy and right technology. There are many contributors to the explosion of big data. We can serve on all. Lera Technologies technology stack is across the level of Big Data management to Data Analytics.

Digital Transformation is Imperative to all Industries

We offer our clients the ability to operate more efficiently. We help companies to replace older, more traditional technology to the newer ones. Technology transformations leads company to have a disrupting company structures, adopt new business models and framing new operational models. Therefore, partnering with specialist like us to offer a whole spectrum of technology services.


  • “Managing massive amounts of transactional data & to have the systems running at their peak was a major challenge at LDB. A solution which can also reduce the cost of storage by moving outdated data to remote Infrastructure is expected. Lera’s archiving solution VIVO has a systematic approach of archiving data which frees up the overloaded system and boosts system performance. We are happy to say that, Lera has successfully deployed the project in production and it satisfies our requirement.”

    Oudone B, Head of IT

    Lao Development

  • “By replacing multiple middleware systems, Lera has streamlined the whole extraction process and reduced the risk and cost involved in managing multiple systems which demands diverse skill sets. Data is now delivered from our core banking system to staging area in a much faster, reliable and easily automated way, allowing us to act on the information very quickly. The user-friendly interface also enables us to efficiently manage and monitor the extraction process.”

    Alvin Ragaven, Solutions Architect

    The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

  • “At Pan Asia, Consolidation of data from various branches and carrying out MIS reporting was time consuming. Lera’s Data Extraction tool has provided an integrated platform to address reporting needs across all bank operations with higher transparency. It reduced the data extraction from days to hours & integrating this with the SAP BO tool made operational, MIS & Regulatory reporting less time consuming. Overall, Lera’s solution has empowered us in making effective strategic business decisions.”

    Navindra Rajapakshe, Overseeing IT Department

    Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC. Sri Lanka

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