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Banking is getting more dynamic than ever before. Customers need a larger variety of products and offerings and as a result, banks have to be continuously enhancing their IT systems aggressively to address these opportunities swiftly. Banks need to be able to scale up their IT systems extremely fast to the changing business scenario. A technology implementation partner who can understand the business needs and map them into business applications - using traceable processes and methodologies can help banks a long way towards achieving this goal.

Lera's process-oriented approach helped evolve the existing implementation processes And methodologies that are advantageous to our clients during crucial stages of implementation. Our flexible yet methodical approach facilitates seamless acceleration of implementation

Local Developments

Local development has been the core strength area for LERA. We offer quality, scalable and resilient solutions with experienced business and technical resources. We have in-depth knowledge and experience on customization of Temenos T24™ for Banks requirements and needs. We have expertise in Design, development or re-engineering of local developments for upgrade / new implementation and Configuration, setup and development of local developments for T24™ Desktop and T24 Browser

Production Support is to bridge the process and procedural gaps between applications development, Technical support, and operational areas for application implementation control and support services. We have taken up consulting, customization, and system integration work in specific. Production Support provides the following (and not limited to) for identified production and test environments. Application implementation support, problem and change management, analysis for performance improvements in procedure or application processing flow, automated scheduling, online report viewing and report distribution, and statistical trends. We understand the criticality of the production environment in high stakes finance industry. Lera provides its clients 24x7 uninterrupted production-support be it in person, phone, mail any other means.

  1. Incident Lifecycle Management :

    Identifying, repairing and tracking incidents that interrupt the normal functioning of the systems and disrupt the business.

  2. Application Monitoring :

    Ensuring your applications are consistently up and running and guaranteeing that business critical processes are not affected by application downtimes and outages. We create comprehensive monitoring and management services to proactively monitor application availability, performance, response time, exceptions, faults and failures using a variety of custom built and third party monitoring tools.

  3. Preventive Maintenance :

    Carrying out services for the upkeep of applications to reduce the occurrence of problems and issues. Based on system performance, past system behavior and our experience, we schedule routine ready-for-business checks to release patches as needed.

  4. Corrective Maintenance :

    Minimizing the impact on the end users and the business, Lera provides corrective maintenance services which comprise resolution to incidental issues and errors.

  5. Change Management :

    Studying the impact of changes, analyzing the risk, estimating the effort and cost,and assessing the resource requirements. We use third party and custom built tools for managing andcontrolling change and follow best practices to support regulatory requirements.

  1. Data Migration :
    Lera undertakes a comprehensive review of existing data, studying the many challenges involved in reconciling the old and new systems. Once the studies are complete, we deliver a Data Conversion and Reconciliation Strategy Report that describes the data migration approach (manual vs. automated, for instance), the automated data conversion and reconciliation routines required, and the reconciliation approach to be used.Our technical consultants have the requisite experience to conduct this task with the vendor tools provided and where necessary they create customized data migration tools.
  2. Data Archiving :
    LERA with its deep understanding of T24 data structures and technology stack components provides service as well as a structured solution that delivers cost-effective Archiving for management of data growth, improved application performance, lowered risk and maintenance costs and an overall Improved user experience as well as enabling compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Data Validation and Reconciliation :
    LERA provides a comprehensive data validation and reconciliation, through full Extraction, Transformation, Loading and Reconciliation of information for your Temenos T24™ implementation or upgrade. As part of Data Reconciliation exercise, we work closely with the Data Migration Team to assist in the testing, validation and reconciliation of data converted to a new financial system (Temenos T24), including impacts to Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence systems and various other systems.

  1. Business Analysis :
    LERA has capabilities to perform Business Analysis for Temenos Core Banking that entail – Requirement gathering techniques, Requirements management for development, Identifying business needs and Determining solutions, Support and testing projects across Banks. Solutions often include a software systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.
  2. Report Development :
    Lera's reporting services assists banks in building reports from scratch or enhancing existing MIS reports. Our deep understanding of the reporting structure and extraction mechanism gives us the edge of delivering the required in less time. Offshore engagement model of delivering these services gives banks the comfort of spending reasonably less and yet have the desired outcome

System Audits :

Lera offers independent system study to recommend the best approach to be taken to overcome some of the significant challenges being faced currently by the banks. Lera's consultants and project teams also conduct detailed studies, analysis and information on the performance and plans to fine tune and provide first aid accordingly including modification of code to fix various bugs in functionality


  • “Managing massive amounts of transactional data & to have the systems running at their peak was a major challenge at LDB. A solution which can also reduce the cost of storage by moving outdated data to remote Infrastructure is expected. Lera’s archiving solution VIVO has a systematic approach of archiving data which frees up the overloaded system and boosts system performance. We are happy to say that, Lera has successfully deployed the project in production and it satisfies our requirement.”

    Oudone B, Head of IT

    Lao Development

  • “By replacing multiple middleware systems, Lera has streamlined the whole extraction process and reduced the risk and cost involved in managing multiple systems which demands diverse skill sets. Data is now delivered from our core banking system to staging area in a much faster, reliable and easily automated way, allowing us to act on the information very quickly. The user-friendly interface also enables us to efficiently manage and monitor the extraction process.”

    Alvin Ragaven, Solutions Architect

    The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

  • “At Pan Asia, Consolidation of data from various branches and carrying out MIS reporting was time consuming. Lera’s Data Extraction tool has provided an integrated platform to address reporting needs across all bank operations with higher transparency. It reduced the data extraction from days to hours & integrating this with the SAP BO tool made operational, MIS & Regulatory reporting less time consuming. Overall, Lera’s solution has empowered us in making effective strategic business decisions.”

    Navindra Rajapakshe, Overseeing IT Department

    Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC. Sri Lanka

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