They are the older guys

EastWest Bank was the first recipient of a commercial banking license in Philippines in the mid 1990’s. Its first branch was opened along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City in 1994.
Over a span of 20 years, EastWest emerged as one of the country’s fastest growing banks. It has more than 400 stores now in strategic locations nationwide, including those of its rural banking arm, EastWest Rural Bank. The bank uses Temenos T24TM as its Core Banking System (CBS). Several other banking applications are interfaced with CBS. Financial Studio is the access point for the Financial Reporting of the organization.


They have “hell-stations”

The bank’s T24 CBS maintains data in XML format and can’t be processed by BI systems straightaway for reporting. Bank used to extract the data form T24 into Excel sheets using the custom scripts developed internally. Load the data in Excel into the existing staging area EDS. Data is transformed from EDS and further loaded into Financial Studio for reporting purposes.
This entire process used to consume around 4 to 5 days. This was resulting in significant delay in their reporting and there by delay in identifying the anomalies. With this process of extraction, CXO layer reporting generally used be as of T-4 day’s data snapshot and the lag in reporting used to carry the risk of fraud.

  • Financial Reporting is based on T-4 day’s data
  • End-to-end Extraction-Transformation-Load (ETL) takes 4 to 5 days
  • CBS Data Extraction Performance is poor
  • Staging data is in Excel – prone to Fraud
  • Noted inconsistencies between T24 CBS and GL System Reporting


And we are good listeners…

Lera Technologies ETL tool, Eficaz, has been built exclusively to extract data from T24 in an efficient way. It has a unique capability of extracting millions of records from T24 at lightning speeds. Takes the approach of an on premise PoC to demonstrate diminution in data load timelines from hours to few minutes. This serves as a key enabler to the broader Business Intelligence and Performance Management initiatives at Banks. The scope of this project is to provide Eficaz ETL Suite to extract data from T24 CBS to an Operational Data Store (ODS) in MS SQL Server where the data is processed, transformed and loaded into an existing Electronic Data Repository (EDS) and then to Financial Studio reporting system. EDS has its own data structures, not so common in the industry. Eficaz standard normalization processes had to be customized to suit the EDS formats. The project was initiated early June 2015. Implementation of Eficaz ETL Suite, end-to-end data integration from CBS to EDS and then to Financial Studio was delivered by end of July 2015.

All that they can see is...


Performance and Scalability

  • Significant reduction in the data load timing - from 4 days to 8 hours
  • Financial Studio reporting based on T-1 data snapshot vis-à-vis T-4 data earlier

Ease of possibility

  • Re-running extracts on-demand basis
  • Addressed inaccuracy, completeness and financial risk related issues